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Assertive Mentoring

At Southminster Primary School we use a new system called ‘Assertive Mentoring’ to support children attainment and achievement in Mathematics, Writing, Reading and Grammar.

The Aims

  • to raise standards for all
  • to motivate and involve all children in their learning, progress and target setting
  • to track and monitor pupils progress to ensure all children meet their targets
  • to unpick barriers to progress in either achievement or attitude
  • to inform and involve parents in their child’s learning

Assertive Mentoring brings together a whole series of initiatives and policies we already have in the school, it then goes the extra step to improve and make them better.

Please click here to view the Assertive Mentoring Guide for Parents/Carers


Academic Work

Assertive Mentoring highlights what a child can do and what they need to do to move to the next level. It allows teacher and pupils to set manageable targets in reading, writing and maths for every term, and to talk to the child in depth about how they are going to meet these. The targets will be reviewed each term or as and when the child meets them. The targets are realistic and manageable for each child to achieve over a term.  The targets are then shared with parents during parent consultations so that parents can help their child achieve them even more quickly. This means that all parties involved in supporting the child knows exactly what they can do and what they need to do to move forward. These targets are supported in the classroom with regular marking and feedback; this includes regular 'Improvement Points' for the children to complete to progress with their learning. The children and their mentor also set a personal target for each term.


Assertive Mentoring is based on a colour coding system for both attainment and attitude.

The 'My Pupil Profile' is colour coded using the following criteria. We have also developed a guide for parents explaining the new system and what it means: Please see the link above 'Assertive Mentoring Guide for Parents'.


This shows how your child is progressing throughout the year.

BELOW + Your child is working in the curriculum band at least 2 years below their age expected band.
BELOW Your child is working on the curriculum band below their age expected band.
BEGINNING / WORKING WITHIN Your child is working in the correct curriculum band for their age expected band. They are being taught the year group curriculum (BEGINNING) or are starting to embed their knowledge in this area (WW).
SECURE Your child is working at the curriculum expectations for the end of year. The have a secure knowledge in this subject and can apply their skills effectively.
*SECURE+ Your child has a greater depth understanding in this subject and is able to apply these skills in a number of open ended / cross curricular situations.



Attitude Area Green Amber Red
Attendance *: 100% 98% - 99% between 95% – 97% less than 95%
Punctuality always on time and ready to learn mostly on time but sometimes not ready to learn erratic punctuality and not always ready to learn
Behaviour *: positive behaviour, engaged in learning tasks, puts hands up, MERITS, post card (s) home no exits few warnings but no exits one or more exit this term and/or regular warnings
Effort *: good outcomes in specific areas due to extra effort (e.g. bringing things from home to support Art / DT lessons), offers to help out in own time always tries hard and goes the extra mile, post cards home tries hard all of the time but just does the minimum needs lots of encouragement / catch up club to do what is expected
Reading *: reads for pleasure completed and signed every night, willing to read alone even without parental support reads most nights but is not consistent reads less than three nights a week
Uniform always in school uniform and has correct equipment, including PE kit, book bag and reading book and glasses. mostly in school uniform and has all equipment rarely in school uniform and never equipped

The * (in italics) shows if the child is going above and beyond in particular areas. To obtain a star means that the child is consistently going the extra mile.


The advantages of the system

  • Quick and easy to use and understood by all parties
  • All staff in the school use the same approach to ensure consistency
  • Children judge their own learning (attainment) and behaviour (attitude)
  • Parents are clear about how to support their child at home
  • Parents have a greater understanding of how well their child is doing
  • Children are empowered to take ownership and control over the way they behave and their attitude to learning
  • Children who have a good attitude to learning are rewarded and praised

Assertive Mentoring Files

The attainment and attitude targets are set out in a form called My Pupil Profile. See example form linked here My Pupil Profile. The colours indicate how well the pupils are doing with both attainment and attitude and the targets set will relate to the areas the children need to work on or have support with.

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