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Kingswood Diary  - 2nd July - 6th July

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Day 1

After finally arriving at about 3.30pm, with only one  instance of vomit on the coach, the children were given a site tour of the centre.  They saw many of the activities which they will be encountering over the next few days, including the most important area....the canteen!

After dinner, which was either lasagne or chicken, in their groups they were taken to the obstacle area, where they had to solve various problems, such as a tyre walk, a wall over which all children had to help each other and a giant equilibrium see-saw.  Following this, there was a fire drill, after which the whole group played Hot Spots, which was a giant twister game.

A nice introduction to the week, with the groups starting tomorrow with Abseiling and Bouldering.



Day 2
After a night where not many of the children seemed to get much sleep, the morning sessions comprised Abseiling and Bouldering.  The 2 groups did both activities, switching with each other and had a great time, with many conquering their fears of heights; some of the class went up and had to come down again as they were a little worried but then went back up to try again, this time successfully abseiling down a 60 foot tower.  Bouldering is a sideways climb, which was made even more fun by the children having to do it blindfolded as well, once they had got used to the different types of grip.
After lunch, one group did Archery whilst the other did Bushcraft, which resulted in them building shelters in the woods; one, as Owen so beautifully put, had a wonderful view, overlooking the Norfolk
We then spent a really lovely few hours on the beach, where the children played sports, crabbed and just generally had a chill.
It was agreed by the majority, that we would watch the football, so the slightly shortened session after dinner was Archery for the group who had not done it, and Aeroball for the other group.  This is a trampoline basketball game which was great fun but hard work nonetheless.
Spirits have been good, and whilst a couple have been a little homesick, they have got on with everything really well.  Some became a little ratty at the end of the day, as tiredness set in, so hopefully they will have a good night's rest and wake up refreshed for tomorrow's activities.
Day 3
A full on day today which brought about both physical and mental challenges.  Half of the day was actually spent in 1 big group, with the morning sessions being Initiative Tasks and Team Games; some of the group took some time to get their brains in gear given the early start, although they were able to finally solve most of what was set for them.
After lunch, both groups, at different times, faced the Zipwire; dropping from the top of the abseiling tower about 100 metres through the grounds of the centre.  As well as this, one of the groups built the shelters which the other group had done yesterday, whilst the other drove buggies around a dirt track in pairs.
Both groups also did Fencing, with Lily and Alfie coming up with an unchoreographed routine which included sword sweeps and prancing around, for which the video will be sent!
Finally, Mini-Olympics took place, with shoes being thrown and impressions of chickens, for which Harvey won, being the order of the events!
The children seem to have had a good time, all taking part even if they are unable to go through with a couple of the activities.  They have all eaten well and one of the instructors told me today that we were one of the best behaved and engaged schools he had ever taught.  Some of the children have commented on the bedrooms not being as they were in the "brochure" however they have slept well enough!
Day Four
Our last full day and again a mixture of challenges for the children.  Both groups today did caving down into a World War II pillbox.  I must admit that several were worried and it was hot and claustrophobic down there, crawling through narrow tunnels and low ceilings, but everyone did it albeit finishing quite dusty and dirty.  Both groups also rode go-karts, with Madi being crowned fastest, ahead of Thomas and Bethany.  The third activity completed by both groups was that of problem solving in which they had to work collaberatively fixing problems.
The final activity done by both groups was called Leap of Faith; the children had to climb a narrow pole of about 30 feet, step onto the ledge and jump onto a trapeze bar.  Although not all completed it exactly in that way, everyone conquered fears about heights and surpassed their target set at the start.

The evening ended with a disco, at which the children were with 2 other schools - there was some interesting dancing to say the least!

Final activities tomorrow include climbing before lunch, after which we will be on our way back.

Hope you have enjoyed the updates and pictures.  The children have been great and all seem to have enjoyed it.  They have completted activities they probably didn't believe they could and learned things about themselves and each other which they had never thought of.  Instructors have commented on their behaviour and politeness and myself, Mrs. Gay and Mrs. bridge are proud of all 23 of them.


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