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At Southminster keeping children safe is of paramount importance, especially when they are using the many varied technologies that are available to them.  We aim to protect and help children understand the risks associated with these technologies both in school and at home.  Our society is such that the online world is an integral part of our children's lives and has become a cause for concern for parents and carers.

Parent Info - Expert advice and tips to help keep your children safe online


Are your children using 'oovoo'?

A warning to be careful - children under the age of 16 should not be using this website, however if they are using this chat site than they should be aware of strangers intercepting private chat.  We are advising all parents to keep their children off such chat sites and to direct them to DB primary where they can safely chat to their friends.



We have knowledge that a number of children are using 'Omegle' to chat with their friends.  This is a webcam based site and is deemed unsafe as it is easily filtrated by unsavoury characters.  Please encourage your children to share with you the sites they are using and steer them towards safer alternatives such as db primary.


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